Rusty Holzer Remembering Jimmy Buffett

Rusty Holzer Remembers Jimmy Buffett

As we ease into 2024, it is appropriate to take a moment to recognize those we lost over the past year. Jimmy Buffett passed away in September at the age of 76. I had the privilege to attend many of his concerts, and I am grateful for the joyful memories that I have from those performances. His books and stories were inspirational. His cast of characters ( many of whom remain great friends ) are an indelible part of my life.

Buffett led an exceptional life, doggedly pursuing his passion to make music even when success did not come quickly. His unique brand of “tropical rock” reminded those of us stuck in the office that summer was just around the corner, with its promises of endless sunshine and margaritas. Bob Greene of the Wall Street Journal beautifully captures Buffett’s essence and appeal, “Because he instinctively understood his audiences’ longings, and knew that they echoed his own, he was able to distill that longing into seemingly simple words that reached listeners like notes stuffed into a bottle cast out to sea.”

Jimmy Buffett did what so many of us dream of doing – living life on his own terms, and leaving behind a legacy of comfort and cheer. I offer my deepest condolences to his wife, Jane, and their children.

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